AT&T launches its Thanks program with Ticket Twosdays

AT&T best prepaid plans in the USAT&T has decided to start thanking its customers by giving them free movie tickets starting this coming Tuesday. From now going forward, AT&T wants to offer you a weekly buy-one-get-one offer for movie tickets at participating AMC Theaters and Regal Entertainment Group theaters.

This is just the beginning of AT&T’s Thanks program, as they will soon be offering pre-sale access to concert tickets to their customers as well. If these pure-gratitude perks sound familiar, it’s probably because the nation’s second-largest mobile carrier is following in the direct footsteps of T-Mobile, whose more bombastic approach in their #GetThanked campaign caused quite a bit of hubbub following their 11th “Uncarrier” event.

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Unlike T-Mobile’s perks, which extend to all users (pre-paid and post-paid) AT&T is only extending their gratitude program to post-paid customers. Their Thanks rewards also seem notably more restrained than those from T-Mobile, which is promising its users dinner and a movie and a special bonus prize and automatic entry into a lottery for an “epic” Get Thanked prize every single week.

However, T-Mobile’s program has immediately run into problems such as their app being faulty and Domino’s Pizza getting so flooded with orders that they’ve backed out of the arrangement entirely. Maybe AT&T’s more moderate approach will see traction without the drama of setbacks. There’s no dedicated app, you just simply retrieve a promo code directly from AT&T.

To see if you’re eligible for Ticket Twosdays, click the button below to head on over to the program’s landing page. Also, let us know what you think of AT&T’s Thanks program in the comments.

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