Asus PadFone 2 Jelly Bean update rolling out today, white version starts selling


In case you happen to own an Asus PadFone 2, the second-gen Android smartphone that becomes a tablet at your convenience, then you’ll be more than happy to hear your handset is in for that much-anticipated upgrade you’re looking forward to, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

CNET has learned from Asus that the Jelly Bean update is scheduled to start rolling out today – January 12 – and it will be available as an over-the-air (OTA) download.

The publication also reveals that Asus is ready to sell you a white PadFone 2, in case you haven’t purchased yours yet. The new color option will be available starting today in Singapore, retailing for S$1,099 or S$1,239, depending whether you pick up the 32GB or the 64GB version. Converted in U.S. dollars, that’s $883 and $995, respectively, and PadFone 2 Station tablet dock included.

Separately, the dock retails for S$328, while the phone alone costs S$848 or S$988, depending on chosen capacity.

Do you already own an Asus PadFone 2 yet? Have you received your Jelly Bean OTA update for the PadFone 2 yet?

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