ASUS FonePad reaches certification, may meld an Atom tablet with Android

ASUS FonePad tablet pops up in certification, may meld Atom with Android

No, not PadFone. FonePad. According to Indonesia’s wireless regulator Postel, ASUS is trying to certify a FonePad K004 tablet that would switch up device names, not to mention create its fair share of mix-ups. But what is it? Based on that K004 codename and a match with a Thai retailer’s listing, Notebook Italia believes it’s none other than the recently leaked ME371MG, an Atom Z2420-based, 7-inch tablet that would run Jelly Bean. It might also carry 3G and justify its name through built-in phone functionality. We’re skeptical when the specs aren’t confirmed, and don’t entirely line up — there’s just 8GB of space in the retail entry versus the originally claimed 16GB, as an example. If there’s any fuel to the fire, however, the new round of MeMo Pads will eventually have some Intel-powered (if confusingly-named) company.

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Via: Notebook Italia, Blog of Mobile

Source: Postel, Digiland (cached)

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