ASUS’ $299 hybrid tablet is a good idea that’s past its prime

ASUS' $299 hybrid tablet is a good idea that's past its prime

When ASUS launched the original Transformer Book T100 back in 2013, it had a relatively novel concept on its hands: a low-cost Windows tablet that could double as a laptop thanks to its included dock. The company clearly thinks it’s still a good idea, since it recently released the Transformer Book T100HA with more powerful guts and Windows 10. But does this concept still hold water in 2015, when 2-in-1 Windows laptops are commonplace and mobile tablets are increasingly powerful? I’ve been living with the T100HA for several weeks to find out, and the truth is that it’s no longer as sweet a deal as it once seemed. There are still many things to like about ASUS’ hybrid, but you’ll have to make some compromises that shouldn’t really be necessary in modern hardware. Slideshow-340742

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