Android Pay reportedly gaining the ability to show you where it works


Hrm… There just doesn’t seem to be much to the new Android Pay update. I mean, yeah, version 1.4 is bringing us a slew of new languages it now supports, but ironically the service isn’t available in most of the countries of these languages’ origins. Surely there’s gotta be something more to this update.

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Perhaps! If XDA is right, it looks like this update introduces codeage that precipitates the ability of the Android Pay app being able to show you locations where you can use it. They even found what the location indicator will look like. **Massive spoilers ahead:**

android pay location

The team believes this icon will show up in the three-dot overflow menu when it eventually goes live. It’s expected that tapping this button will conjure a map of all the Android Pay-ready establishments in your vicinity.

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