Android Pay now supports Wells Fargo cards on Android Wear 2.0

When Android Wear 2.0 launched earlier this month, the smartwatch OS update included support for Android Pay for the first time. However, two major banks in the US that support Android Pay on smartphones, CITI Bank and Wells Fargo, did not initially include support for Android Wear 2.0 devices as well.

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2 weeks ago

Now it looks like one of those banks has had a change of heart. Google’s support page for Android Pay now indicates that Wells Fargo has added credit cards for Android Wear 2.0 users. This has also been confirmed by online reports posted on Reddit of Wells Fargo cards working on those devices.

The support page shows that Wells Fargo consumer and business debit Visa cards, consumer prepaid and credit Visa cards, business credit Visa cards, and American Express cards all work with Android Pay. However, any MasterCard cards, co-branded cards, or Visa Commercial Credit still don’t work with Google’s payment system.

That leaves CITI Bank as the only major US Bank that currently does not let its cards work on Android Wear 2.0. It’s possible this is due to some kind of security concern by CITI Bank, but it does seem odd it is the lone holdout among the other major banks that support Android Pay on both smartphones and smartwatches. Hopefully this bank will change it mind and add Android Wear 2.0 support for its card on Android Pay in the near future.

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