Android Games Not Working?

It appears that the games market for the Android operating system is being screwed up by publishers pushing out titles that do not work.

Gameloft, which put out its hit racer Asphalt 5 on Android a while back, has released a full stable of 3D games. More than ten games are out, including some that are already popular with Iphone Ipod users.

According to Android and Me, the only problem is that several users have reported problems when trying to download and install the games. It seems that Real Soccer 2010, Let’s Golf!, Modern Combat, and Asphalt 5 are the only ones that are certain to work. The reason for this is not clear, either. I’m guessing the phones aren’t up to it.

Assassin’s Creed, NOVA, Hero of Sparta, Dungeon Hunter, HAWX and Gangstar either do not work or only work sometimes.

Part of the problem might be that they have been adapted from games that ran on Apple’s glorious Iphone operating system.

These are designed to use the PowerVR graphics processor. Current theory is that they work on the Droid but not on the Snapdragon phones such as the Nexus, Incredible, and EVO. First generation Android devices apparently have not got a bat’s chance in hell of getting them to work.

Gameloft will refund your money, so all is not lost. µ

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