Android celebrates device diversity with Rock, Paper, Scissors ad

What sets the Android ecosystem apart from the iOS is, among other things, the sheer diversity of devices running the operating system. It’s true that this can lead to problems, like the ever-increasing fragmentation of the Android ecosystem, and there are clearly merits to Apple’s methodology that Google is looking to adopt for their operating system. Nevertheless, the fact that different manufacturers with wildly different device designs can all run the same operating system means that users have a broad array of options to choose from if they want to pick a device that’s just right for them.

In the spirit of this individualism linking hand in hand with community, Google has been running a marketing campaign under the slogan, “Be together, not the same.” That last part is something of a jab at iPhones. The latest addition to this marketing parade is pretty cute little commercial that involves a googly-eye adorned scrap of paper attempting to find its place in a school full of scissors.

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Although the piece of paper initially attempts to fit in with a paper niche, it soon finds a real friend in a pair of scissors. To the tune of the classic eighties power anthem “St. Elmo’s Fire,” the two go on to save a down-on-his-luck rock from a band of stony ruffians, and the piece of paper undergoes a full character arc in the span of sixty seconds. Ultimately, the group’s strength comes from their diversity, which enables them to tackle any obstacles they meet.

It’s one of those metaphors that doesn’t really hold up well if you push on it too hard, but it’s adorable and uplifting nevertheless and definitely worth a watch. After viewing, let us know what you think of Android’s newest advertising boost in the comments below!

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