Android 3.0 has the perfect support for Tablet PC’s

According to foreign media reports, Google Android 3.0, code-named Gingerbread will have a release date of October 2010. One of the most important facets is that the minimum system requirements will be raised, which implies that Tablet and Slate PC’s will have tremendous support.

A well known writer by the name of Eldar Murtazin recently revealed on his blog that Gingerbread will raise the minimum configuration on devices to run on at least a 1 GHZ CPU with 512 MB of Ram. It will also support screen sizes 4 inches and support resolution of 1280 x 760. With mobile phone screen sizes increasing and the rise of tablet PC’s we can look forward to a near future of larger screen devices.

One of the final elements on how this new operating system will empower tablet computers is the Intel X86 platform. Intel has played a role in the development of the new Android interface, increasing their investment of the operating system. This could maybe be allocated to the Intel’s involvement on the new Google TV movement, which Intel will be using their Atom Processors in the set top boxes.

Although most of the semantics of Android 3.0 are a closely guarded secret of Google, we can look forward to higher quality Tablet and Slate computers with an operating system exclusively tailored to mobile devices. This an issue prevalent in the mobile world, as HP and Microsoft top brass has admitted that Windows is not congruent to the new generation of portable computers.

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