Amazon’s first Super Bowl ad has Alec Baldwin talking to Alexa

For the first time ever, Amazon is getting into the ad bonanza that is the Super Bowl. They’ve carved out a 30 second time slot to pitch the Echo to millions of slightly sloshed football fans, and Alec Baldwin is along for the ride.

It’s just another cozy night at Baldwin Manor. A fire crackles pleasantly as Alec Baldwin and his pal Dan Marino, former quarterback of the Miami Dolphins, brainstorm ideas for their upcoming Super Bowl party. Baldwin is relying on Marino’s expertise in party matters, and so far he’s a little disappointed with how this discussion is going.

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When Marino pitches the concept of a “snack stadium,” Baldwin’s brow furrows. “Alexa, what’s a snack stadium?” he asks of the hitherto unnoticed Echo unit.

“A stadium built entirely of snacks,” says Alexa, the voice of Echo.

“Brilliant!” cries Baldwin, and the two return to their brainstorming, purpose renewed.

What’s interesting about this ad is that the Echo literally only gets two seconds of screen time. It’s a fairly inventive advertising move that showcases the Echo’s passive existence in a home. The focus isn’t on Alexa or the pringles can she lives in, but rather on the human interaction that she stands ready to facilitate.

With Echo being something of a surprise success for Amazon, it looks like the company is ready to push it beyond a niche market. With plans for a portable version of Echo in the works, they’re certainly trying to get the product’s recognition up.

You can give the ad a watch online early, but it will be making its big debut on the small screen come game day, February 7th. In the meantime, what are your thoughts regarding Echo? Are you an owner of the device? What has your experience with Alexa been so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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