Amazon Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD now on sale in UK and Europe

Unlike the original Kindle Fire that never steps outside its U.S. comfort zone, Amazon is eager to bring its new releases – the 2012 Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD — to international markets. Right on schedule, both tablets are now available for purchase in the UK and across Europe.

If you can’t find it in retail stores yet, the easiest thing to do is to make that virtual trip to Amazon website (well, duh). You’ll find the ad-supported Kindle Fire being offered for £129, while the model that won’t display advertisements on the lock screen will cost £139.

The Kindle Fire HD selection is more varied than the plain old Fire. The ad-supported 16GB and 32GB model can be had for £159 and £199, respectively. If you want the ad-free version, simply add £10 to the price.

The 7-inch tablets may have landed, but what about the content? Well, the online retailer has been preparing for the duo’s arrival since August, with the launch of its European Appstore. Those in the old continent (UK, Germany and France) will also be able to make use of Amazon’s book lending program soon. Topping it off is the arrival of Lovefilm, the movie subscription service, on the two slates.

Fancy getting yourself a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD?

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