12 Days of SHIELDsmas brings awesome deals on games for NVIDIA SHIELD owners

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Staying indoors this Christmas? One of the several ways you could spend your time is by playing quality games while you are at it. If you own an NVIDIA SHIELD, 12 Days of SHIELDsmas will keep you busy.

Before that, here’s a quick recap of the SHIELD Android TV: originally known as the SHIELD console, this Android TV based set-top box wants to take over the living rooms of consumers by providing both home entertainment as well as gaming. Released at the end of May 2015, the SHIELD Android TV is powered by an octa-core Tegra X1 processor, packs a Maxwell-based GPU clocked at 1GHz, has 3GB of RAM, and can output at 4K resolution to external displays. It also supports 192 kHz high-definition audio. Read more about the $199 console here.

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This holiday campaign by NVIDIA, which will kick off on Christmas eve, will run until January 4th. Until then, SHIELD Android TV owners and various other devices in the SHIELD lineup will discover a long list of discounted games on the SHIELD Hub and on GeForce NOW (NVIDIA’s own game streaming service). You can learn more about GeForce NOW by reading our previous coverage.

A few games for the SHIELD Android TV that will be discounted from tomorrow are listed below. All these games will be available at half their original prices, i.e. a flat 50% discount:

A couple of prominent games on GeForce Now that will carry discounts include The Wither 3: Wild Hunt (50% off), Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power (50% off), Sublevel Zero (25% off), and more.

Apart from discounted games which are exclusive to NVIDIA Shield And GeForce NOW, there are several games on the SHIELD Hub that are selling for dirt-cheap prices as part of Google’s year-end deals. NBA Jam and Minecraft: Story Mode are available for $0.10 each; Goat Simulator, Modern Combat 4, Leo’s Fortune are going for $0.99. Do keep in mind that discounts on these games (and other games discounted as part of Google Play year-end deals) are valid only until 29th December.

Do you own an NVIDIA Shield? Tell us about your favorite games that you played recently in the comments below!

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