10 most expensive Android apps and games

most expensive apps and games for Android
Back in October of 2015, Google released an update to the Google Play Store which raised the upper limit for how much an app or a game could cost to $400 which takes a little bit of the thrill out of a list like this. After all, no matter what happens, you won’t find anything for over $400, right? Well, sometimes it’s fun to see what people are charging that kind of money for and so we have the most expensive Android apps and games here for you!

most expensive Android apps and games5-Minute Sports Medicine

[Price: $99.99]
5-Minute Sports Medicine is an educational app that contains information on medical problems commonly seen in sports medicine. It boasts 280 topics, ICD-9 codes, SNOMED codes, and the ability to personalize your “favorites”. It’s nothing too special and the interface is antiquated at best, but it is written and edited by several actual doctors which is probably why it costs a bunch. Unfortunately, it seems as though this app is no longer being supported with it’s last update being in 2013. The last added feature? Support for the Nexus 7.
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5-minute sports medicine most expensive apps and games for Android

most expensive Android apps and gamesAbu Moo collection

[Price: $400 each, $2400 total]
Developer Abu Moo has taken expensive to a whole different level. Instead of having just one “most expensive app”, he has released a series of six applications, each hitting the ceiling when it comes to cost in the Google Play Store. The apps are simply names of precious gems. Collecting all six gems will cost you about as much as a Mac. Each app comes with a one by one sized widget that does nothing but show the gem on your home screen. Warning, buying all six will make you want to re-evaluate your life.
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abu moo most expensive apps and games for Android

most expensive Android apps and gamesDr Web Security

[Price: $75]
Dr Web is an antivirus app and it’s actually a pretty decent one if you’re into that kind of stuff. Unlike most, it offers a ton of ways to pay for the app and one of them is the absurdly expensive $75 for a lifetime license. Or is it so absurd? Most antivirus apps have monthly or yearly subscriptions that can rack up quite a bit of cash in the long run. Comparatively speaking, a flat $75 payment would actually save you money in the long haul. Irony at its finest.
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clash of clans most expensive android apps and gamesFreemium games

[Price: Up to $99.99]
Freemium games hold a special place in all of our hearts. There’s a place in the heart for rage, right? Anyway, most freemium games have sets of “gems”, “gold”, or other in-game currency that you can buy to unlock parts of the game faster. These goods are sold in increments depending on how much you feel like spending. Most upper tier freemium games have options that go all the way up to $99.99. The most expensive option buys you an absurd amount of the in-game currency and lets you jet passed virtually everyone. What’s funny is that the people who buy gems at that rate are hated by everyone else. Thus, if you ever wondered how much it would cost to be universally hated (except the developers, obviously), $99.99 seems to be the answer.
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most expensive Android apps and gamesMobile Accessibility US

[Price: $99.00]
Mobile Accessibility US is an application that is designed for people who are afflicted with blindness. It comes with a suite of ten application that have been designed so that those who can’t see can still use smartphones. The apps include a dialer, contacts app, alarm, calendar, email, web browser, setttings, and others. Unlike most, people actually buy this one and it rocks a very lukewarm 3.6 rating in the Play Store.
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most expensive apps and games for AndroidMost Expensive Android Widget

[Price: $199.00]
Most Expensive Android Widget is, you guessed it, a totally useless widget that costs a ton of money. It will sit on your home screen and it literally says “Most expensive Android widget” so that people viewing your home screen know just how bad you are at having priorities. The app does nothing, has no services or actions, and actually seems to clash with most themes, other widgets, and home screen designs. At least it won’t drain your battery. Probably.
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most expensive apps and games for Android

most expensive apps and games for AndroidThe Most Expensive App

[Price: $400.00]
There are actually a ton of these “most expensive app” creations, but we chose this one because reasons. Like most of these apps, it’s supposed to be comedic and the app does literally nothing except display a picture of a diamond. However, this particular app doesn’t show you the diamond in the screenshots. Instead, the screenshots in the Google Play listing display text to show you where the diamond will show up if you buy it. The idea the developer went through enough trouble to actually put some marketing strategy into it is a cherry on top.
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most expensive apps and games for Android

most expensive Android apps and gamesPeek

[Price: $200]
Okay so there’s a fun story with this one. This app was originally developed by Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo, but his country didn’t support paid apps at the time. Francisco Franco ended up publishing the app for him for its usual price. When paid apps became a thing in Agudelo’s country, he republished the app under his own name. To prevent people from buying the app twice (or buying the wrong one), Francisco Franco upped the price of Peek to $200 and removed the free version. Those who purchased the app could still get updates, but new users were directed to Agudelo’s version which is $198 cheaper. At the time of this writing, the official version of the app isn’t available in the United States (and probably other places too), making the super expensive Peek the only one that US residents can see.
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most expensive Android apps and gamesPocket Atlas of ER Ultrasound

[Price: $69.99]
Pocket Atlas of ER Ultrasound is another educational app for those in the medical field. This one helps tutor you on how to do ultrasounds in the ER. It comes with over 440 images to show you where and how to place the ultrasound probe and how to look at ultrasound images. It also has a bunch of text on various procedures, how to do them, and how to improve image quality and accuracy. Like most super expensive medical apps, this one was authored by actual doctors and is based on the Pocket Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound. The book is actually more expensive than the app. Who would’ve guessed?
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most expensive apps and games for Android

most expensive Android apps and gamesSuper Color Runner

[Price: $200]
Super Color Runner is an endless runner game that’s unlike others. In this game, you’ll have four paths you must run down and you have to switch between them to pick up energy pellets and batteries in order to stay alive. The game features very simple graphics and we imagine it’ll run perfectly fine on phones that cost less than this game does. There is no indication on why it costs $200, but we imagine it’s because development was abandoned and the developer didn’t want anyone buying the game for real.
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most expensive Android apps and games

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